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Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum


Accession number: 81.1005.0001
Category: Woodworking T&E
Date: 1790 – 1825
Materials: metal
Measurements: 13 cm L x 0.9 cm W x 1.4 cm H
Narrative: In 1789, a cut-nail machine was patented that produced nails without heads, requiring blacksmiths to add heads by hand. This meant that most hand-headed cut nails are slightly narrowed at the neck due to being placed in vises during the heading process. Brought to Leonie Cumming's Grade Seven Class at Middleton Regional High School by student Earl Fowler of Paradise, Annapolis County, NS, around 1950. One of two hand forged nails that started Mrs. Cumming's and students "Rusty Nail Collection."
Description: Hand forged four-sided nail with a flat bottom. The top of the nail features a six-sided figure and hangs over the nail's body.