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Acadian House Museum

Bottle, Medicine

Accession number: 2010.001.048A-B
Date: 1870 – 1890
Materials: Glass
Measurements: 6 cm W x 19.5 cm H x 18 cm Diameter
Group: Cassidy Bottle Collection
Narrative: This bottle dates pre-1890 as a result of Scott Emulsion's cod liver oil obtaining a registered trademark in 1890 that was put on the bottom of their bottles. The Nova Scotia Museum also dates this bottle between 1870s and the 1920s as a result of its sunken label. Source:
Description: A large, clear medicine bottle with a rectangular body. The labels on the front and side of the body are sunken in the glass. The shoulder's, body and base of the bottle all measure th esame diameter. The front label reads "SCOTT'S/ EMULSION." The right hand side of the bottle reads "COD LIVER OIL." The left side of the bottle reads "WITH LIME & SODA." On the base of the bottle there is an embossed "0." Item B is the cap to the bottle, which has a round head and a cone shaped bottom.
History of Use: This bottle was used to store Cod Liver Oil. This product was knpwn for its nutritional contents, which were believed to protect against pain and heart attacks. The recessed lable on the bottle dates its product tp be sometime between 1870 and 1890.
Manufacturer: Scott Emulsion