H.W. Glendinning & Co.

14 Commercial Street
Dartmouth, Halifax, NS, Canada
Business Category: Soft Drinks and Beverages
Dates Founded: 1836
Remarks: Henry William Glendinning was the first to bottle soda water in Nova Scotia, starting operations in Dartmouth as early as 1836 with his brother Charles.

Operations were originally located at Henry's personal residence, but moved Water Street in 1849. The warehouse and office were set up at 204 Granville St., Halifax, close to the market for his product.

Around 1864 two sons, William and John, joined the company, taking over in 1872. At this time the company was renamed W & J Glendinning. The company operated under this name until 1884, operating as a soda water manufacturer and ice business.

In 1884 William passed away and John renamed the company John R. Glendinning & Co, continuing untili 1890 when John restricted his interest to ice.
Remarks Source: 1. Nova Scotia's Pops and Crocks, The Soda Water Industry 1836-1947. W.F. Harris, 1977.