Britex Ltd.

Bridgetown, Annapolis, NS, Canada
Business Category: Textile Milling
Remarks: In 1980 United Elastic Corp. is reformed into Britex Ltd. when management employees take over the company in a response to a threatened closure due to poor economic conditions. After employee buyout, sales triple until USA-Canada FTA hits. Sales were limited to mostly Canada afterwards. Employing 130, down from 230.

1987: Sanford Archibald (Chief of Board), David Graham (President & Chief Operating Officer). 

Markets in 1990s were chiefly in Central Canada, but the U.S. and rest of Canada buy as well. Britex fabrics are used in the making of women's undergarments. "Playtex," "Vogue," and "Cooper" (hockey equipment) are companies which rely heavily on Britex textiles for manufacture of their products. 

In January of 1992 the company split into four independent businesses, 3 manufacturing (Narrow Elastic Fabric Co., Wide Elastics Co., and Clothing Elastics Co.) and 1 corporate division (Enterprise Village). All worked out of 150,000 sq ft complex 5 miles from Bridgetown. 
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