Box Factory

Lawrencetown, Annapolis, NS, Canada
Business Category: Canning and Packaging
Products: Strawberry boxes, small fruit boxes.
Dates Founded: circa 1965
Remarks: "In March 1965, a box factory was established in Lawrencetown. Mr.Allison Ogilvie was employed by Pacel Baltzer of Aylesford in his fruit box factory until Mr Baltzer decided to go in for extensive farming. Mr.Ogilvie purchased the Baltzer machinery and set up his business on the Station Road in Lawrencetown.Just any type of wood would not do for the veneer boxes.Scouting located stands of choice poplar needed for the veener which comprised the boxes.These poplar trees were cut down and the logs put through the veneer lather and on the stitcher.Mrs.Ogilvie then spread the boxes in the sun to dry. The strawberry boxes were shipped to local and other markets. During the first year orders called for delivery in excess of 400,000 boxes and 20,000 flats. After berry season small fruit boxes were made. Mr.Ogilvie eventually sold his business and it later burned down." (taken from local Ogilvie removed to Spa Springs. See Spa Springs.
Remarks Source: A History of Lawrencetown, Grade XII Class, Lawrencetown Consolidated School, Creative Printing, Middleton, 1977., Retrieved on 16 November 2006.